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Studying the Japanese Language

Many people throughout the world are learning the Japanese language. Many important universities have Japanese departments, and even some high schools teach Japanese language as a second language. The number of people who are studying the Japanese language worldwide is estimated to be about 2,300,000! Every year about 50,000,000 people come to visit to Japan and get exposed to the Japanese language.

Many people who are studying Japanese language do so for business reasons. They are doing or hope to do business with Japanese companies. According to the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Japan is the number 2 trading partner of Canada (number 1 being the USA). Many auto-related and manufacturing industries from Japan have come to Canada, and there is increasing interest among Canadians in trade, commercial and technical relationships with Japan.

Many Canadians are visiting Japan on business, and knowledge of the Japanese language is helpful for their stays in Japan. It can help them order food in Japanese restaurants and ask for receipts to hand in later to their employer. Knowing some Japanese will also help them check in at their hotel and will need to get to their various destinations using public transportation.

During a business trip in Japan, you do not have time to use a local train. Time is important. You could try asking people in English, “Is this train express?” or ”Which track is the express train?”, but not all Japanese speak English. You will find yourself in a taxi at some point, and will need to explain where you would like to go. If you get lost walking around the city, you will need to ask for help. Maybe you would like to talk about the weather or about your family with your business partner to create a comfortable atmosphere. Having some Japanese language ability can make a big difference on a business trip to Japan.

Other people are learning the Japanese language because they are interested in traditional aspects of Japanese culture and want to experience more deeply. Those studying Japanese flower arrangement, tea ceremony, kimonos, martial arts, etc. can achieve a better understanding of their art if they can understand the Japanese language.

There has also been a recent increase in interest in Japanese food and modern Japanese culture. Japanese music, fashion, movies and television shows are now enjoyed worldwide. For young people in particular, Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga) have become extremely popular. The number of young Canadians who want to enjoy Japanese anime and comics in Japanese is increasing.

At Tanoshii Japanese School, we will help you learn Japanese quickly, effectively and in a fun manner no matter what your reason is for studying Japanese.




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