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Students together on zoom with their teacher



Classes at Tanoshii Japanese School are small. With a small number of students in each class, each student has plenty time to think and speak in Japanese. As well, it is easier for the teacher to be able to focus on each student and respond to their individual needs.



Our students come from various backgrounds. Some plan to travel or work in Japan. Others are interested in Japanese culture or are fans of anime.



Our mission is to teach Japanese in a fun but effective way. That is why the name of our school is Tanoshii Japanese School. Tanoshii, means 'fun' or 'enjoyable' in Japanese.

Our Principal

Kaori Strong is a native Japanese speaker and is authorized to teach Japanese by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. She has over 25 years of experience teaching Japanese to students of all ages.

What our students say

"Kaori makes learning Japanese easy and enjoyable! She understands how to use multiple teaching techniques to ensure that everyone understands the concept. 

I look forward to my Saturday class each week and always leave feeling accomplished and surprised at how quickly the time flew by."


"Kaori, is a sweet and caring instructor. Her teaching style incorporates a lot of interactive games that help students engage with each other and the material. She is very patient; is always happy to repeat a phrase, or slow down to review a previous lesson. I appreciate that she customized certain class to fit her student’s interests for an immersive experience. Kaori is also a well of knowledge on Japanese culture, and can provide helpful tips to navigate through Japan! I would recommend her as a Japanese tutor to all ages!"


"Kaori offers an encouraging and nonjudgmental atmosphere at her lessons. She sends weekly emails to keep up to date with her students and truly cares about each persons educational growth. It's a great place to learn for beginners and so on!"


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