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How to Learn Japanese Quickly and Easily

The Right Method

There are many ways to learn Japanese. The two basic methods are the direct and indirect methods. There are also some more specific approaches for each method such as audio lingual, naturalistic, communicative, Total Physical Response (TPR), notional functional, silent method, Suggestpedia, imagination method, CML, and pattern practice.

Each method has its own benefits, but I have found the direct method to be the best. With the direct method you learn Japanese without an intermediary language. Only Japanese is spoken or written. Students learn very quickly to ‘think’ in Japanese. Some schools prefer the indirect method where Japanese vocabulary and grammar is explained in English in class and the teaching materials. Students may feel that they make faster progress with that method, but in my experience, it is harder to retain and utilize Japanese.

At Tanoshii Japanese School, we mainly use the direct method for students who are learning basic Japanese. For students learning Japanese at a higher level, there is some English used to explain the more difficult points, but we still use the direct method as much as possible.

When you are learning basic Japanese, the direct method is much more dynamic and fun than the indirect method, and generally students improve their speaking ability quickly. Your thinking ability also improves because you are trained to replace one Japanese expression with another expression and build sentences using set patterns.

But the direct method is not best for all purposes. When you are learning high level Japanese only in Japanese, sometimes your understanding of a point is unclear or you believe you understand what you are learning but actually do not. In those cases, your Japanese ability does not improve. Getting abrief explanation in English of the rule or concept ensures that your understanding is correct so you can continue to build your Japanese ability with the direct approach. 


One of the important things to help you learn Japanese is motivation. At Tanoshii Japanese School, we keep students motivated by helping them learn Japanese in fun and creative ways. We use many kinds of activities in class such as conversation drills, games, Total Physical Response and Suggestpedia. That is why our students can learn Japanese in a fun and effective manner.

Using the Language

Another important thing when you learn Japanese is to experience and utilize communication in Japanese as much as you can. That is why it is important that there not be too many students in one class. In smaller classes, each student has plenty of time and chances to think and answer questions, and practice phrases. It is also easier for the teacher to adapt the lessons to the needs of the students. Tanoshii Japanese School has only small class sizes so it is an ideal place to learn Japanese.

Competent Teachers

All of the teachers at Tanoshii Japanese School are native speakers of Japanese and are well trained teachers. They know the most effective methods and techniques for helping you master Japanese. That is why our students can learn Japanese quickly and easily.

Class Grouping

At Tanoshii Japanese School, students who have opportunities to use Japanese in their home are placed together in classes and those who do not have such chances are grouped together in other classes. That helps ensure that students in a class progress at similar rates.

In either case, we do not teach Japanese the way it is taught to Japanese school children in Japan schools in Japan. Students who live in Canada do not share the same experiences as those living in Japan and do not have the same background and knowledge of Japanese culture and society so lessons geared to Japanese children are difficult and confusing to children here.

At Tanoshii Japanese School, we teach Japanese in a fun, creative and effective way with selected materials so students enjoy the materials and classes and want to continue to learn Japanese.




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